The Grocer, 27 September 2008

by Alex Beckett Latvia’s only caviar brand, Mottra, is bringing what it claims is the only ethical caviar in the world to the UK.
The company allows its sturgeon to mature after removing the eggs – rather than following the tradi-tional practice of immedi-ately culling the fish once harvested. This more ethi-cal and sustainable method allows eggs to be gathered from the same fish for up to 40 years. The luxury brand, which is launching into the UK this month, ini-tially online, said this method gave it a unique sales proposition in caviar.
The volatile world econo-my made it a challenging time to launch a luxury product, Sergei Reviakin, director of Mottra, admit-ted to The Grocer. And with an rsp of £68 for a 56gjar or £1,200 for a kilo, the prod-uct is not suited to credit-crunch budgeting. But Reviakin was confident its ethical credentials would stand it in good stead against the competition. “I think that there will always be a place for luxury foods such as caviar,” he said. “What has changed is that people are becoming more discerning in their choice and will always choose the luxury product that is more sustainable and ethical. Our caviar is for those who enjoy delicacies but have a conscience.”
The Riga-based company keeps its fish in spring water sourced from 150m below the ground and then purified through a process of double filtration. This was in stark contrast to the polluted rivers and seas from which the majority of the world’s caviar was sourced, said Reviakin.
Mottra is in discussions with two major retailers with a view to securing its first listings in the UK.

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The Sunday Times, The Style Magazine, 21 September 2008

“EGG-STRA SPECIAL. A caviar farm in Latvia is going all out to give its sturgeon a better life. The fish are kept in temperature-controlled pools, before being massaged to release their eggs, so they live to spawn another year.  £64 for 56g;

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