Our Farm

MOTTRA – is a group of specialists who have earned recognition through their willingness to be stewards of out natural environment. MOTTRA’s mission has always been to farm caviar.  Implementing new technologies we are protecting an increasingly rare breed of ancient and beautiful fish – the sturgeon. MOTTRA’s farm combines old Russian tradition with a new environmentally conscious and scientific approach resulting in the production of the purist caviar the will delight the most discerning connoisseur. A farm, that protects the sturgeon population while preserving the heritage of Russian caviar, utilizing new industrial technologies.


History and Future

MOTTRA is a purveyor of sturgeon of exceptional quality.  We continue the old tradition of serving  caviar to the finest tables of the world.  All producers of caviar in the Russian Empire became famous with brand names like W. Tonge & Son.  They commissioned the famous pottery Doulton and Watts, future Royal Doulton porcelain manufacturer, to make special ceramic pots for the delicacy. MOTTRA’s farm – Is managaed by a group of Russian and Latvian caviar experts who built stergeon farms in the Astrakhan in the 1990’s.  They pioneered sturgeon farms with closed resurculation systems.  Thanks to their work, this industry and method they pioneered is booming now.  All farm professionals have a formal education in ichthyology and more than 30 years of experience.  They were taught the old traditional caviar farming methods in the USSR.


Caviar from Riga, the capitol of Latvia, has been served in the Royal Courts of Europe since the 17th century.